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How can I add myself to this Wiki ?

There are currently 2 forms available for shows and for comics. If you are more technically minded you can register an account right away, await the correct permissions via email and then use the usual wiki syntax to create your pages.

How can I edit my wiki page ?

Navigate to the page you wish to edit and from the top menu select Pagetools → Edit page. You will need to create an account if you haven't already. Code it using wiki syntax or the FCK Editor button.

I've screwed everything up!

No problems! Go to Pagetools → Old revisions and restore the last good version.

This looks hard

You'll get the hang of it!

Can I add videos?

There's an app for that, see

There's an app for that too, see First you'll need to upload pictures to your namespace goto

Click on Select Files… (it's a very subtle button) then upload. Then when you place the code


in your code you'll see a gallery of all those images


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